What is the S-Pts?

The Structure Points ( S-Pts) is a notation system of the quality of a tournament’s structure. The higher is the value, the slower will be the tournament.

The notation take into consideration, the starting stack, and the evolution of the blind increase. The slower is the increase the higher will be the notation.

For more information, you can go there : http://www.rainbowspuppiessunshine.com/pokercalc/ 

We change slightly the original formula to get which wasn’t taking into consideration the starting stack. This notation is suitable for all No Limit Hold’em tournaments and could be applied to Pot Limit Omaha too. It is not used on the other variant.

Few Exemples of the S-Pts , from the slowest structure to most “turbo” one:
– Victorian Poker Championship Main Event $2.3k: 141 S-Pts
– WPT Australia 2-day $5k Challenge : 128 S-Pts
– WPT Australia Main Event $2.5k : 120 S-Pts
– QPC Super High-Roller $1.1k : 106 S-Pts
– QPT league Poker Open $660 : 71 S-Pts
– Victorian Poker Championship Opening $300: 64 S-Pts